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William Baffin Rose

William Baffin, one of the very few truly hardy climbing roses for Minnesota, was planted at each end of the pergola to frame the space and enhance the wine-country feel of this rustic prairie setting. The rose is fast growing and long blooming—its deep pink blossoms appear in late June and can last until fall, which is perfect for a short growing season.

The rose will climb the support posts of the pergola to provide some overhead coverage and enhance but not obscure the architecture. Climbing plants are a great addition to beautify a landscape, but there are a few precautions to keep in mind when integrating them near your home or trees.

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Eating In Season

Eating in season is more than a sustainable decision; it just tastes better! Another great benefit is that it builds stronger communities when you know where your food comes from. Better yet, know the people who grow your food, whether you buy directly from farmers though Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) or at your local farmers markets. Local, in-season fare is also available at your co-op or grocery store.

We’ve curated a couple great resources for you.



Survey Reminder

Thank you to everyone who’s taken a few minutes to offer feedback through our annual survey. Your responses give us the opportunity to provide even better service to our valued clients and within our community through our various nonprofit and community outreach work. All voices matter and can help us improve—whether we’ve worked with one another in the past or haven’t yet worked together, and even if you’ve chosen another firm for your landscape design and build needs. Thanks for your input!

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Rabbit Fencing

Rabbits, although adorable, can wreak major havoc within your landscape—causing damage to gardens, bushes and small trees. Even city dwellers are not safe from these furry little creatures. There are solutions that are smart, humane and attractive. Fences made from materials resistant to chewing can act as a deterrent to rabbits trying to enter your yard or to specific zones of your landscape. biota helps clients select and install fences that are also high design to complement various landscapes. Have questions or need help? Contact us to get started.


Hydrate Now

We’ve discussed how this summer was a tough season for a lot of our plants and trees. The main culprit was the long drought heading into the 2012–13 winter, followed by an unusually long winter.

This combination led to dehydrated plants that couldn’t hold up against the heat of the summer. Plan ahead for summer 2014: water now before the ground freezes! Looking for guidance in prepping your landscape for winter? Contact biota to get started.

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