Trees for NoMi

Trees for NoMi

Biota Landscapes is proud to collaborate with Tree Trust and our industry partners to help plant more trees in North Minneapolis. We invite you to join us by making a donation through our team fundraising site. Biota will match your donation, and another matching donor will match biota's donation, effectively tripling the impact! We thank you in advance for your generosity and desire to assist in creating a greener environment for North Minneapolis. Make a Donation


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About the Program

The Trees for NoMi program was launched following the 2011 tornado disaster in North Minneapolis (NoMi). The area was devastated and new trees were desperately needed in the "tornado zone” for private property. Today, the Trees for NoMi program continues to provide free trees planted by volunteers at homes in NoMi, after homeowners willingly attend an educational seminar on how to properly care for trees. The program scope has expanded beyond the tornado zone to other areas of NoMi that also have low tree cover and lesser resources.

Thomas Avenue North (2010)

Thomas Avenue North (2015)

As a community we need to plant trees.

Over the years, funding for the program has come from various corporate and private funders and recently, a collaboration of small businesses from Minneapolis have come forward to sponsor the program.

Biota Landscapes is proud to motivate this initiative by affecting exponential positive change. We invite you to join us by making a donation in any amount. (One planted tree costs $80).

We have pledged to match the first $2,000 in donations raised through this fundraising page, and if we hit our goals, another $5,000 will be donated by Schafer Richardson — effectively tripling the net number of trees planted through your donation.

n addition to our matching donation, biota team members will also be donating their time on planting day to assist Tree Trust in planting day operations.

Thank you for your consideration — all donations are tax deductible and made through Tree Trust at the links below. (You will receive a tax form/receipt.)

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