It's not just a yard: your land is a place to play, relax and entertain. biota works with you to develop that vision. We take care of everything outside your front door.


Our method is designed to be easy, stress free and engaging for the client through all stages of the process. biota can tailor this process to suit your requirements.

  1. Initial Meeting
    We meet with you at your home to get acquainted and to understand your needs, ideas and design aesthetic. After we have a personal understanding of the scope of your project, we will discuss timelines and the cost of the design. Upon agreement, we take measurements of your land and architecture.

  2. Concept and Design Development
    With biota, your design is a one-of-a-kind hand-drafted piece of art. Our full-color plans are thoughtful, thorough and an intimate expression of the potential your land has. You will also receive perspective sketches (as well as a detailed plant list) showing different views of your landscape so that you may better visualize your future spaces.


  1. Presentation
    We meet at the biota studio or in your home to present and walk through every aspect of the design with you. biota includes a fully detailed, a la carte proposal to help you fully understand the value and options available to you.

  2. Schedule
    Together, we schedule your project so there is a clear understanding of timeline and progression. biota orders your materials and handles any necessary permits or utilities.

  3. Build
    With strict attention to detail, your design is realized by our friendly, expert team.

  4. Maintenance
    We walk through your new landscape with you, explaining maintenance needs—whether you choose to do it yourself or work with us. biota offers a one-year warranty on all plants. Seasonal specialty services are available on request.

Design Services

Our design team, led by Steve Modrow, is adept at translating your ideas into landscapes that inspire season after season. After taking the time to understand your goals and design aesthetic, biota develops concept plans and sketches to explore what’s possible. We source new and innovative products, materials and plants.

Our design services provide:

  • Initial consultation
  • Concept plans and master plans
  • Perspectives, sketches and visualizations
  • Construction details and specifications
  • Planting plans
  • Project management
  • Aftercare instructions and consultations

Build Services

As a landscape design and build firm, biota completes the full project as one team—for unparalleled job control. Build services, led by Jim Saybolt, skillfully brings the design into being. biota brings precision and quality to the build out.

biota can:

  • Create custom hardscape blends (specializing in natural stonework)
  • Build retaining walls, both functional and aesthetic or weeping retaining walls
  • Create focal water elements and features
  • Complement your architecture with arbors, pergolas and timber structures
  • Install fencing
  • Clear sites
  • Shape and prune trees, both corrective and ornamental
  • Install sculpture
  • Provide earthwork and grading
  • Amend and prepare soil ahead of planting
  • Correct and manage drainage
  • Irrigate land
  • Design low-voltage lighting for the landscape

Maintenance Services

Our horticultural and maintenance services are available all year, seasonally or a la carte.

biota can:

  • Clean up in the fall and spring
  • Re-establish clean edges of your garden beds and sidewalks
  • Provide mulch topdressing and weeding
  • Amend soil with organic fertilizers
  • Aerate and de-thatch your lawn
  • Design lighting for your architecture and landscape
  • Prune and trim shrubs and trees
  • Provide plant propagation and division
  • Upkeep pond or water feature
  • Manage pests like rabbits and deer humanely
  • Design seasonal installations including annual flowers or holiday décor
  • Winterize evergreens and perennials

Have a New Vision for Your Outdoor Space?

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